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EIAgen anti-HBs Ag



brief description

Hepatitis "B" (HB) is a viral infection in which the route of infection can be sexual contact, improper needle puncture, blood transfusion or even contaminated food or water. HB has become a public health menace. Ten percent (10%) of the hepatitis "B" infected adults develops some forms of chronic liver disease and becomes a long-term carrier of HB Virus. Screening for HB is, therefore, important in the curtailment of the disease. HB is an immune disease. Invasion of the human body by HB Virus induces auto-immune reactions which damage the liver. The components of the virus (antigens) and the host responses (antibodies), the so-called immunological markers, have often been used as diagnostic tools. There are six immunologic markers of HB Virus: HBsAg, HBcAg, HBeAg and their respective antibodies. The antibody to HBsAg (anti-HBsAg) however, is the last marker to show up in the serum. The presence of anti-HBsAg usually indicates the conclusion of the infection and immunity to HB Virus.

intended use

EIAgen Anti-HBs quantitative is an enzyme immunoassay diagnostic kit for detecting quantitatively the antibodies to the Hepatitis B Virus in human serum or plasma samples.

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