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Since 2001 Lenco Hellas Ltd. in order to cover better it's Diagnostic Market is exclusively representing R-Biopharm A.G. from Germany for it's Clinical Line Diagnostic reagents.

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Lenco Hellas Ltd. is representing Adaltis s.r.l. in the Greek market.

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 Allergy competence and leading supplier of diagnostic products.

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Lincoln Diagnostics, manufacturer of Multi-Test®Multi-Test® IIDuotip-Test®, and the new Duotip-Test® II, is the industry leader in high-quality disposable allergy skin test devices. Lincoln products are the most widely used disposable allergy tests in the U.S. and are extensively employed at leading teaching institutions, hospitals and private clinics throughout U.S.A.


FRAS 4 is a new integrated analytical system consisting of a dedicated photometer with an incorporated centrifuge, designed to allow the global assessment of oxidative stress, by means of the d-ROMs test and the BAP test.


alpha is the leading interpretive software for use in antenatal screening for Down's syndrome and open neural tube defects (NTDs). It was launched in 1988 , and remains the standard against which most others are compared. It is based on published scientific data, and under the supervision of Professor Nicholas Wald is regularly updated in the light of new scientific advances. Over 9 million women in 49 countries have been screened using alpha.

xema logo Xema-Medica Co Ltd manufactures pioneering diagnostic reagents for human and animal diagnostics.

AK-TAS DIS TIC. A.S. is a supplier of bulk and packaged chemicals of the largest and pioneering producers in the world.

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Thirumalai Chemicals Ltd. is a publicly owned company with shares traded in the stock market in India. TCL manufactures and markets organic acids, anhydrides and derivatives for a variety of global industries including  plastics, resins, paints,  and coatings,  agro chemicals, food, pharmaceuticals, textiles, personal care, paper, etc.


PETKIM Petrochemical Holding A.S.

Phatlic Anhydride

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