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RIDA®QUICK Rotavirus/Adenovirus Combi (dipsticks)

Product Code N1002

Intended use:

For in vitro diagnostic use. The RIDA®QUICK Rotavirus/Adenovirus Combi test is a quick immunochromatographic test for the qualitative determination of rotaviruses and/or adenoviruses in stool samples.

General information:


  • Identification of the two most important causative agents of enteritis by use of monoclonal antibodies

  • High sensitivity and specificity guarantee reliable results for routine diagnostics

  • An innovative technology makes a coloured differentiation of both viruses possible
  • Specifications:

Format: Box with 25 dipsticks
Incubation time: The test result can be read off after 5 minutes.
Sensitivity: Compared to PCR
Rotavirus: 97,8%
Adenovirus: 72,7%
Specificity: Compared to PCR
Rotavirus: 94,4%
Adenovirus: 98,2%
Positive predictive value: Rotavirus: 93,8%
Adenovirus: 97,0%
Negative predictive value: Rotavirus: 98,1%
Adenovirus: 80,9%
Accuracy: Rotavirus: 96,0%
Adenovirus: 87,0%
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