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Product Code K6411

Intended use:

For in vitro diagnostic use. The RIDASCREEN® Influenza B IgA test is an enzyme immunoassay (EIA) for the semi-quantitative determination of IgA antibodies against the Type B influenza virus in human serum. The test should be used for confirmation purposes when there is a suspected case of infection with Influenza B or for clarifying the immune status.

General information:

After infection with influenza viruses, specific antibodies are formed against the pathogen as a result of the response from the immune system. By using immunological methods, it is possible to determine the antibodies in the serum. The test method used and the choice of the pathogen-specific antigen both have a significant bearing on the meaningfulness of the test.

Because it is possible to differentiate between the individual immunoglobulin classes in the enzyme immunoassay, more precise statements about the immunological status of a patient can be made than those which are based on other serological methods (such as the haemagglutination inhibition test or the complement fixation test).

Test principle
Purified antigens are coated to a microwell plate. Antibodies in the patient samples bind to the antigens and are determined during the second incubation step by using enzyme-labelled anti-human antibodies (the conjugate). The enzyme converts the colourless substrate (H2O2/TMB) to a blue end product. The enzyme reaction is stopped by adding sulphuric acid and the colour of the mixture switches from blue to yellow at the same time. The final measurement is carried out at 450 nm on a photometer using a reference wavelength ≥ 620 nm.


Format: Microtiter plate with 96 wells (12 strips with 8 removable wells each)
Incubation time: 3 x 30 min at 37 °C
Sensitivity: 100.0%
Specificity: 100.0%
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