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Antibody Detection

  • Demands on the modern Serological Diagnostics


Antibody Detection

Demands on the modern Serological Diagnostics

RIDASCREEN® Sero ELISA: Analysis adjusted to the individual patient lead to a multitude of pathogenic agents for which must be tested. Test specific reagents and different incubation times lead to an amount of time and work that can hardly be handled. In our product group „Sero ELISA” we therefore reduced the number of reagents to a minimum by taking common buffers and conjugates. Identical incubation times also make the parallel analysis of the most different parameters easier. Thus the RIDASCREEN® Sero ELISA meet essential prerequisites for an automatic processing on modern ELISA processors that help you facilitate procedures in the laboratory. By one-dot-calibration of the standard curve the number of standards is reduced to one. Especially this makes an economic working method possible. The evaluation takes place in a quick and easy manner with our software RIDA®SOFT Win.

RIDASCREEN® ELISA for Parasite Diagnostics: R-Biopharm offers six ELISA for the most important serological parameters in parasitology. We attach special importance to the selection of antigens. These are decisive for the quality of the antibody detection in parasite diagnostics. Again all tests are known for their common buffers and incubation times. The R-Biopharm test systems for the infection diagnostics cover all important areas of today’s serologic diagnostics. All test kits are highly specific and sensitive for the particular pathogenic agents.



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