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EIAgen anti-HAV



brief description

Hepatitis A virus is a RNA virus belonging to Hepatovirus (Picornaviridae family). HAV genome produces 4 structural capsidic proteins (VP1, VP2, VP3, VP4), a RNA polymerase and a protease. The HAV transmission occurs by fecal-oral contamination (infected water and food), in countries with poor hygienic conditions. After a short incubation period, about 15-30 days, generally an asymptomatic course of illness is observed. More rarely it is possible serious hepatitis. Chronic phases are nor described. Primarily IgM antibodies appear with an high titre. Successively the presence of IgG anti-HAV indicates the immune response of the subject to HAV.

intended use

The EIAgen Anti-HAV is an ELISA competitive test for the qualitative detection of the total antibodies to the Hepatitis A Virus (Anti-HAV) in human serum or plasma.

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