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EIAgen Progesterone


Steroids and Fertility

brief description

Progesterone is a steroid hormone having 21 carbon atoms and a molecular weight of 314.5 Dalton. Its synthesis starts with cholesterol and proceeds via pregnenolone. Transformation of pregnenolone into Progesterone is achieved through deydrogenation of 3ß-hydroxyl group with formation of pregn-5-en-3,20-dione. Isomerization causes shift of double bond from position 5-6 to 4-5. Progesterone is synthesized into big amounts especially by corpus luteum and placenta, which have suitable enzymic patterns. However, also the adrenals produce small quantities of Progesterone, accounting for detectable levels in the female during follicle phase of menstrual cycle and in the male. Progesterone, as other steroids hormones, circulates bound to carrier proteins, especially by transcortin (CBG) and by albumin. Its half-life is very short; it is converted within the liver into its main metabolite, i.e. Pregnandiol, whose glucuronide is the major urinary metabolite. During normal menstrual cycle little amounts of Progesterone are secreted in the follicle phase.

intended use

EIAgen Progesterone is a direct solid phase enzyme immunoassay for the quantitative measurement of progesterone in human serum or plasma.

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