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EIAgen Anti-Thyroglobulin

brief description

Anti-Thyroglobulin antibodies are characteristically present in the serum of patients with goitrous and atrophic thyroiditis or primary thyrotoxicosis. They are also found at lower levels in sera of patients with other thyroid diseases. The highest concentrations occur in patients with the `fibrous' and oxyphil variants of Hashimoto's goitre, whereas the juvenile forms of this disease are usually associated with lower levels. High levels are also common in primary myxoedema. Almost 100% of patients with these diseases or with Hashitoxicosis have anti-Thyroglobulin, anti-TPO antibodies or both. A small number of Graves' disease patients produce these antibodies but at lower levels. As these two autoantibodies vary independently of each other, and many patients have only TPO antibodies (fewer have only anti-Thyroglobulin antibodies), it is recommended that both types are measured.

intended use

EIAgen anti-Thyroglobulin kit is intended for the quantitative estimation of anti-Thyroglobulin antibodies in human serum as an aid in the diagnosis of Hashimoto's Thyroiditis and Graves' Disease.

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