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EIAgen Rubella IgM kit



brief description

Rubella virus causes a very common infectious disease in man, accompanied by a typical diffused rash. The course of the illness is generally short and without complications. However, it is harmful for the fetus if contracted during pregnancy, because the virus is teratogenic and may cause very serious malformations especially during the first month of pregnancy. It is therefore essential to determine the patient's immune status before the start of pregnancy, if possible, in order to perform vaccination or, if this is impossible, to monitor the course of the pregnancy to observe whether seroconversion occurs. Several methods are employed for the assay of specific immunoglobulins (1). ELISA is one of these, and has the advantage of being completely automated. The serological diagnosis of Rubella may be performed with the assay of specific IgM because these antibodies, together with the clinical symptoms, are of considerable diagnostic relevance.

intended use

Immunoenzymatic capture method for the determination of IgM-class antibodies to Rubella in human serum

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